Tri State Mechanical is the HVAC contractor you can turn to for St. Louis HVAC hail damage.  Hail can cause serious damage to your air conditioning unit, especially if it is mounted on the roof of your home or business. When a hail storm strikes, your roof top air conditioning unit is completely exposed to the damaging effects of hail. An air conditioner mounted on the ground can also be damaged by hail.

Do You Have Hail Damage to Your Air Conditioning Unit?

This type of damage may impair operation of the air conditioning unit resulting in:

  • Reduced air flow through coils
  • Higher refrigerant temperature
  • Lost performance
  • Lost reliability
  • Lost Efficiency

Hail strikes the soft cooling fins on the condenser coil of your air conditioner and deforms the cooling fins. An air conditioner can tolerate a few deformed fins, but when more than just a few fins are damaged by hail, the air conditioner can no longer operate efficiently. In many cases, the unit will fail completely after a few months of working too hard.

We offer FREE Hail Damage assessments and FREE Estimates for Replacements of a Hail Damaged system.

If your system was damaged by the recent hail storm in Saint Louis, then you should have it checked immediately. The hail can damage the coil fins making it run inefficiently.

Your Homeowners Ins. Policy should pay for the replacement of the system if it has enough damage to it. Some system that are newer, may have the coil replaced, again, the Insurance should cover it.

Do not let your insurance mislead you into not pressing a claim on you air conditioner just due to fact that it still “cools”. If your cooling unit was dented by hail and the fins of your coil were bent, you will never have the same cooling you had before and your insurance company knows this. There is no way to put an exact dollar amount on what it will cost you, but over years of operation, it could be many hundreds of wasted energy dollars. Insist your insurance company treat this damage the same way they are treating your roof, replace it or repair it.

Hail Guards for Commercial and Residential Air Conditioners are a wise investment for your equipment to prevent serious damage that may or may not be covered in the future. Unfortunately the building owner will end up paying for service to fix the coils in the future. In the end, the money they are paying on the back end will, more than likely, be just around the same price as the Hail Guards would have been. My advice, buy the hail guards and save yourself the trouble.

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