Sheet Metal and Galvanized Duct Work

Fabrication and design of most common type metals are fabricated within our shop or on site which means you save. Everything is designed within required SMACNA Standards.

Galvanized steel is the most common type of sheet metal used in the construction of Residential, Commercial and Industrial HVAC Duct applications.

We provide the cleanest and most tightly designed duct in the industry which means you have better indoor air quality and higher efficiency for your equipment.

We can design and fabricate custom made duct tailored to your needs as required for the most efficient way to complete any size project.

Products consist of Galvanized G60 or G90 metal from 10 gauge to 30 gauge metal. Spiral and Oval duct is available with duct sealants and insulation.

Vent duct consists of single wall for fresh air requirements or double wall for exhausting fumes. We provide all Flashings, Storm collars, Rain caps, Chimney tops, Vents, Backdraft dampers and Louvers.

Tri State Mechanical is the preferred St Louis sheet metal contractor.

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